Thursday, June 17, 2010

Every morning, 108.9 million Americans wake up to a cup of coffee...

  • 75% of US adults drink coffee daily, creating a $4 billion annual domestic coffee market.
  • The fastest growing and most lucrative segment of this enormous market is the premium market for robust, gourmet coffee.

Wouldn’t you like to offer this market something new, innovative and proprietary?

  • The last great breakthrough in the coffee market was the introduction of decaffeinated coffee over 30 years ago. What if you owned just a 1% royalty on the introduction of that innovation? You would be rich beyond belief.
Well... we have that NEXT innovation in our hands TODAY!

It's the world’s most powerful ANTIOXIDANT coffee
—Asantae JAVA™!

  • Through the powerful and patented Healthy Roast Process™, we are able to offer the enormous world of premium coffee drinkers, a delicious and HEALTHY cup of JAVA! One of the world’s great food science teams has spent the last 7 years perfecting a patented method of replacing the valuable ANTIOXIDANTS that are removed from the other premium brand coffees during the roasting process.

Asantae JAVA is rich, robust and loaded with more antioxidants than all other competitive brands of coffee, both premium and mass market!

  • As an Asantae Affiliate, you have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to leverage this revolutionary product introduction. And that’s not hype. Just imagine the HUGE size of the market for our unique, delicious, healthful coffee! This really IS the opportunity of a lifetime!


  1. Hey greetings from my side, this coffee is great!!!! Whoever reads this, I drink it myself!!! C.J.

  2. Hey my greetings back to you :-)

    Thats right it is great......especially its tast..

  3. Well absolutely true: taste, feelings, Again greetings :-)