Friday, June 18, 2010

With ASANTAE JAVA, you have the opportunity to build in three huge markets: Read more:


With JAVA, you have the opportunity to build in three huge markets:

  • You can build your Network channel by featuring the new JAVA Director’s Pack.
  • You can build a loyal customer base and residual income by sharing the Asantae JAVA™ Club, a discounted and convenient way to offer your friends fabulous Asantae JAVA™ every month!
  • You can develop bulk sales and increased commissions by offering JAVA through our Health Professional’s program.

The possibilities are limitless!

Everyone will want Asantae JAVA™, once they realize that we have the dream combination… something that tastes good and IS good for YOU!
The process is simple... find coffee drinkers, give them a sample and let them taste our incredible Asantae JAVA™. Share a mini-brochure, a Buyer’s Club card and take orders!

The goal of our Asantae JAVA™ program is to reach a significant portion of the coffee drinking public with a much healthier cup of coffee.

This market is huge, our offering has powerfully innovative positioning, and our price points are competitive. We will generate 100’s of millions of sales in the next two years. YOU can
choose to
leverage all of this to your enormous benefit...
As a lead product, Asantae JAVA will build our Network channel, increase our sales, expand our Autoship participation and generate exposure for the other extraordinary nutritional supplements in our
product line.
This is an exciting moment, a thrilling and enormous opportunity for all Asantae Affiliates, present and future. It can become especially lucrative for those who choose to take assertive, strategic
business building actions NOW.
To reach the big market for JAVA, we have created programs and packages that will dramatically support the growth of your Asantae organization, and the strength of our entire company!

The Plan

Market penetration starts with channel development… SPONSORING!
It’s a simple TWO STEP program!

Step #1: Purchase ‘The Asantae JAVA™ Directors Pack’

We have designed this Pack to duplicate and foster enormous growth!! Our new Affiliates get an entire business development kit for only $199! They get coffee to drink and share with their
friends, family
and contacts. They get JAVA Samples and marketing materials to share.
They receive a full turn-key training and support system. And, they get
their self-replicating Asantae website to promote, market and manage
their Asantae team and business.
The Asantae JAVA™ Director Pack offers each new Asantae Affiliate:
  • 3 - 16 oz. bags of Asantae JAVA™
  • 40 gorgeous 4 cup Sample Packs (1.25 oz. each)
  • 40 JAVA Mini-brochures
  • 40 JAVA Buyer’s Club Cards
  • Training Program and Prospecting materials
  • A self-replicating website for marketing and team management
  • Dr. Lundell’s best-selling book, “The Cure for Heart Disease”.
Additionally, in the launch period, we will double our FAST START Bonuses, so all Affiliates who market the Asantae JAVA Directors Pack, will earn $200.00 every time they sell 2 JAVA Directors Packs in any
Sell 2 Packs for only $398, and earn $200.00 a week in Doubled FAST START bonuses! (This is a limitless offer, so every time you market 2 more JAVA Directors Packs, you can earn another $200.00)
The Asantae JAVA Director Pack cost: $199

Step #2: We recommend ‘The JAVA Business Developer Autoship Package

Once an Affiliate joins the team, they will naturally want to drink Asantae JAVA at a discounted or “preferred” price and enjoy the rest of our wonderful product line, at a discounted price, too!
Qualifying AutoSHIP Packages
  • Our Qualifying Autoship Packages have been designed to help our Affiliates qualify their positions each month to earn commissions and FAST START bonuses.
  • In order to qualify an Affiliate position to earn commissions, an Affiliate needs to use or sell 75 IP worth of Asantae Products each month.

With JAVA Business Developer Pack you have two options:

  • For serious coffee drinkers
    Option A:
    Four 16 oz. bags of JAVA and 20 Sample Packs
  • For smaller families or more casual coffee drinkers
    Option B:
    Two 16 oz. bags of JAVA and 30 Sample Packs
Both JAVA Business Developer Packs work because they put JAVA in your pot and Samples in your pocket. Enjoy the coffee, share the coffee and build an Asantae empire! Samples create customers and new
Affiliates... pure and simple.

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